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I interviewed my neighbor, Ms. Felicia Bilbraut. She told me about her experience as a factory worker and as an employee of the government. Felícita worked in a lingerie factory as being in charge of the floor, and as the contact person to distribute and monitor the work of other employees. Also, she worked during 12 years in the Department of Education. There, Felícita obtained a very enriching experience because it was her first time working in a government agency. She described herself as a responsible and committed person. She got a permanent job in it because of that. She told me that she is a very friendly person. Finally, the lady who had been married for 56 years, ended the interview by expressing happiness with her family, marriage and children.




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  1. Mrs. Bilbraut sounds like a very sympathetic and hard-working woman. Her traditional Puerto Rican values seem to have really helped her in her life. I thought it was funny that she attributed her successful marriage to her tasty cooking, but then I thought about my father’s obsession with having mom cook for him. Her belief that God multiplies the fruits for those that give is a phrase I hear a lot from our elders and I think it is a wonderful phrase to live by. I can’t believe she is seventy seven years old, her voice sounded very lively and strong! This woman made me feel guilty for dodging work today. She is very dedicated and said something that is very true: “If you don’t want your job, don’t take it, someone else will”. More unemployed people here in Puerto Rico should take the initiative and work jobs that are commonly looked down upon like picking coffee grains. Awesome history.

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