Adriana Colón

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My goal was to interview my grandmother, Gloria. I really wanted to know when and where she met my grandfather, José Miguel. She always tells me stories about her childhood, and her college years but I really wanted to know how she met my grandfather, who I really loved. Talking to her was a great experience. I loved the way she told me every detail and how she rolled her eyes trying to remember the date of every event. I found out they met at a restaurant in a town called Aibonito in Puerto Rico, and that it was practically love at first sight. I also found out that they were married on December 5, 1953 in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico.

The three feelings I felt were suspicion, surprise and curiosity. First, I felt suspicious of what my grandmother was going to tell me. Second I was curious of what I could really find out, and third, surprised of what she told me; specially the way they met each other.  Also,  how fast they started their relationship, in a week. I think the exercise was great, because it helped me find out a story I did not know about my family; my grandmother enjoyed telling me the story and explaining every detail.


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