Alejandro David Orengo-Colón

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Born as an only child Alejandro, in honor of Alejandro Magno, was baptized Alejandro David Orengo-Colón in Camuy, PR; his mother’s hometown. However, his birth place was Providence, RI.

Early in his childhood his parents, Olga María and Moisés,  realized Alejandro’s passion for films and books. They frequently went to see movies and bought him books of his liking.

His early academic preparation took place in Mayagüez, PR. He spent primary school in Academia Immaculada Concepcion, a private school where he perfected English as a second language. Then he was transferred to Colegio de la Milagrosa for his middle and high school studies. After graduating, he began studying physics at the University of PR (UPR), Mayagüez Campus. His interest in applied mathematics led him to believe that the field of physics was the path to such practical applications.

Soon enough he discovered his passion was filmmaking after one semester of abstract mathematics and formal, structured procedures. Shifting his major to English Literature he found the means to an interesting approach to narrative, an essential backdrop to making movies. He also completed the Film Certificate courses available at UPR-Mayagüez. It was the certificate content and skills that served as the ideal platform to express his creativity through short film projects and activities that aligned with his passion for movie making.

Currently an MFA (Master in Fine Arts) student at SCAD (Savannah College of Arts and Design) in directing, he aspires to be non-mainstream filmmaker that provokes his audience with films that make them reflect on the meaning and imponderables of life.

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