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It was extremely amazing the opportunity of sitting and talking with my grandfather, who certainly is like a father to me! I really felt that connection grandfather-to-granddaughter each time he answered me with such a beautiful smile! It is funny that I felt butterflies in my stomach of happiness and emotion because I never thought that my grandfather and my grandmother had met each other one night and after three days they went into a relationship that would last for forty three years! This interview made me get closer to my grandfather; it is like we will not have any secrets from now on! I really enjoyed the experience of asking my grandfather  lots of things that I wanted to know about him, and of course, getting the answers.



  1. I read it with wide opened eyes. Somehow you managed to captured my attention. The reason was because the love story of my grandparents is very interesting also. But your grandparents’ story was impressive because off all they acheived in only three days.

  2. I share your opinion. It is amazing to talk to our grandparents! Mines also answers with a smile! Makes me feel glad and happy. They are such great persons, and every story is amazing and unique. I am also amazed with what you said about your granfather and your grandmother. That is amazing and great. Enjoyed reading your story. And I thank you for sharing your thoughts about talking with your grandparents. It is good that many other poeple care and share this little precious moments with such special persons!

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