Amaryllis Vega

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Vega, Amaryllis



Technology: I will present a series of drawings made by my older brother Anthony L. Vega when he was 17. My presentation is done with Animoto. I integrated some of his photographs so you can know the face behind the drawings. I included some text as well that agrees with the images.

Story: When my brother Anthony was 17 he became severely depressed. He hardly spoke to anyone in the house. He began to have fewer friends in school, and when he got home from school he locked himself in his room. He did this from the time he was a sophomore until he was a senior. He found a beautiful way to deal with his situation. He began to draw amazing things. He never went to school to learn how to draw.  It was a God given talent. Some of these drawings he made at a very difficult time of his life.

He was dealing with the problems of sexuality. When he decided to speak about his sexuality, he stopped drawing. He hasn’t drawn ever since. He says he’s tried to draw again. But all that comes to mind when he does is the rotten feeling of the depression he once had. Regardless of the motives that made him do all this fine art, I enjoy seeing the beauty of his paintings. I look at the drawings and I see my brother Anthony in every one of them. I’m sorry he had to go through all the pain and suffering in silence.

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