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In this interview got to know my next-door neighbor, Yuyo. He is a great person, for he has always been there to help my family ever since I came to live in Hormigueros. Yuyo always has interesting stories to tell. With this interview I learned more about his past. I got to know about his childhood, and some of the jobs he has had in the course of his life. His life was not easy: he had to wake up really early in the morning every day—the pay he received was not the best. His family did not have a lot of food—his home was made of wood from palm trees. Even with all  the struggles he had to overpass, he is now a happy and grateful person because he knows that everything that he did back then made him a hard worker and good person.


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  1. I have meet people like Yuyo and I have to say they are the best people to conversate with. They have interesting stories to tell about their good (and not so good) old days. And no matter how hard it was for them, they make it sound like a joke so you can laugh with them. I just love when I go into town and talk with them in the Plaza or at a Super Market, it is just great.

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