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My goal with this interview was to get to know Maria Gomez who is like a second mom to me. I met Maria at church; since I got there, as she says she adopted me as a daughter and she has always treated me like one. I especially wanted to know how is it for her being a nurse  for all those years she has being working in nursing. She was telling me about her mother and all the sacrifices she made to raise her 11 children alone after their father died. She used to go with a suitcase selling merchandise and food to the “colonos” (people who worked in agriculture and received a residence). For Maria her mother was a role model and was her inspiration to serve people and become a nurse. Maria has been a nurse for the last 35 years. She received her Masters in nursing and she has been a professor at the Interamerican University in the Guayama Campus for 20 years now. Also, she told how being a nurse has made her grow as a person, be able to serve others and help those who need it.

While I was doing the interview, I was surprised of what motivated her to become a nurse. Also, I was surprised to find out many things about her life that I didn’t know and that never crossed my mind to ask. I felt a little choked up because when she was telling me about her mom she almost started crying because of all the memories this brought to her. Overall, I was happy I got the opportunity to do this interview because I got to know more about someone I truly care about and that if it weren’t  because I participated in this exercise, maybe I would never have known. I believe this type of activity should be done more frequently because sometimes we live life with such a hurry that we don’t sit down to listen and get to know the people we love.




  1. It seems like she is a wonderful woman and that she would do anything for her loved ones, i can understand why you see her as your second mother. Her/your story really brings inspiration to me

  2. It’s a wonderful story about what a woman is capable to do when she loves the people in her life, it really inspired me as a life example

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