Esta Vida Boricua Submission Guidelines


First, take the time to read and leave comments for the authors. This will help you become familiar with the site and the type of stories we publish. Also, subscribe to Esta Vida Boricua and join the Facebook page so we can keep in touch with you and for you to keep abreast of new developments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Submit?

What Can I Submit?

Who Reads/Views My Work?

Is My Work Protected?

Who Owns the Copyrights?

Who Edits My Work?

Can I Submit to Stage Right or Center Stage?

Can I Submit to the Galería/Gallery?

Submission Package Checklist

Who Can Submit?

If you are Puerto Rican by blood, marriage, love, adoption, migration, immigration, exile, expatriation – on the island or anywhere in the World-wide Puerto Rican Diaspora or have enjoyed an intimate experience or connection to Puerto Rican communities and culture – you may submit. Obviously we are interested in themes that relate to Puerto Rico or living the Puerto Rican life but the Galería is open to all kinds of themes.

What Can I Submit?

Study the site to see what’s there – the genres – the themes, etc. Read the stories. Familiarize yourself with the content and the site’s purpose by reading ABOUT. Contact the editor to discuss what you are interested in submitting. Obviously we are interested in anything that relates to Puerto Rican culture, history, and communities as well as the experience of living the Puerto Rican life both on and off the island.

Stage Right and Center Stage are generally “invitation only” and are primarily non-fiction genres. If you think your work would fit into any of the genres – autotopography, spoken history, multi-modal memoir, personal essay, memoir, or literary journalism then contact the editor with your query at

Stage Left – Galería is public art space and accepts all genres. So if you have a sampling of a larger body of work that you feel you are ready to make public, you can have your own page in one of the galleries. Or if you are a beginning author/artist and you just have a few pieces to share, you may also have your own page. Study how the pages are designed and fit each author’s work. Maybe you want to just publish one poem and some links to other projects. Or maybe you have a combination of genres you would like to show off. You decide.

Click here if you are interested in submitting to the Educator’s Page.

If you are interested in contributing to the Wall of Mothers – send a photograph of your mother or grandmother to

Who Reads/Views My Work?

This site is promoted internationally and is read all over the world. You can see where by accessing this map.

We also promote through Facebook & Twitter

Is My Work Protected?

The site is protected against anyone downloading or copy/pasting any materials from the site.

Who Owns the Copyrights?

Once your work is published, you continue to own the copyrights and may republish your work anywhere else you like.

Who Edits My Work?

Esta Vida Boricua is facilitated by volunteers and maintained through donations. We neither edit nor peer review your work – so it must be edited prior to submitting, and meet submission guidelines for formatting and other materials requested.

If you submit in Spanish or a piece in English with Spanish such as words, names, places, phrases or dialogue – please make sure you add all the accents and proper spellings. Any submissions must be edited and formatted per guidelines and the submission packages complete or they may be returned.

If you need an independent editor – we can recommend people to help you in the process.

Can I Submit to Stage Right or Center Stage?

Contact the editor, Sonja Mongar, first to pitch your submission.

Can I submit to the Galería/Gallery?

The gallery is a public art space and offers you a place to showcase a sampling of your art. To qualify for a page in the gallery follow the guidelines below. Look through the gallery before you submit to see what kind of page you want. You may only want to publish one poem and add a link to access your full book, or you may want a digital magazine depending on how much material you have.



*Note: We can only work with .doc or .docx text files and .jpegs for images and mp3 for music. We prefer videos linked to YouTube. Do not add any extra formatting.

Follow the formatting instructions below. Because we have a very small volunteer staff – any submission not in the proper format will be returned to you.
I. Personal Information – .doc or .docx.

  • A Bio or link to a bio
  • Contact Info
  • Optional: Other relevant links
  • List of titles of work – reference to i.e. Image#1

II. An Artist’s Statement – why you do what you – .doc or docx.
III. Submissions –Any genre and Spanish or English or Spanglish

  • Poetry – up to six poems
  • Art –photography, etc. up to six images – jpegs @ minimum of 300 resolution
  • Fiction – Excerpt or chapter from a longer work with a short synopsis or a short story.
  • A short memoir/creative non-fiction or excerpt from a larger work with a synopsis/
  • Film – title and You tube link with a synopsis.
  • Music – each file must be labeled with the name of the song only and must be in a MP3 format. Additional information on the band or performer can appear in the bio.
  • Other – inquire to the editor

IV. A profile photo – JPEG only at minimum of 300 dpi resolution
V. Optional – other photos. If you want a digital magazine – then send the image you want for your cover and designate the title.

Label ALL your files:

“i.e. Alvarez, Rafael – Personal Info.docx OR

i.e. Alvarez, Rafael – Image #1

ALL text files must be edited and saved as either .doc or .docx files and labeled with “Last Name, First Name-Kind.”

i.e. Alvarez, Rafael – Personal Info.docx

 Text documents

  • Single spacing,
  • Times New Roman font,
  • Justify left only
  • *Do not add any formatting – such as headers, special fonts, colors, page numbers, headers or footers or spacing.
  • Each submission must be saved in a separate file. i.e. don’t put six poems in one document – don’t save a profile photo in a Word document.

*If your submission has special layout settings, they cannot be converted to digital unless we format them into a specific .pdf and place them into a digital magazine.
Image files ( i.e. photographs, artwork, etc.)

  • Each image must be saved as a .jpg @ 300 resolution.
  • Each image must be saved in separate .jpeg files.
  • Label each image file – “Alvarez, Rafael – Image #1
  • NOTE – A list of titles referenced to each image and any text you want to include with each image must be provided separately.