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Sientense a Negociar:5-2010-FO-Q Press:

Sientense a Negociar:5-2010-FO-Q Press:


Puerto Rico is going through the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 30’s. All actions which have been taken by the past government administrations through the present one were to improve Puerto Rico’s economy. When the IVU was implemented, the first to yell out was you, the statehood men, the ones who want Puerto Rico to become a state. You don’t even notice that practically every state of the Union has a sales tax? Your government’s campaign slogan was to eliminate the IVU because it wasn’t necessary. You were the first ones to criticize when the former government began employee reductions in some agencies.  I ask you, the “Government”, what happened to all that you criticize? You are really making it worse. You are diminishing Puerto Rico’s productivity, welfare and the happiness of the citizens.

You have the insolence to call people “terrorists” who are fighting for the livelihood of their family. The definition of terrorism, according to the word reference dictionary is the calculated use of violence (or threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear.

As far as I have understood, these unions are planning to make a “paro”, a non-violent confrontation. They only want to paralyze the country for one day, or for the time it takes, to see if this has an impact on the government and makes you reconsider your actions in favor of the middle class worker. You, the government, are instilling fear in every family. You are making the citizens panic and worry for their futures. Also, young people are acting according to the alarm and horror that you are implementing in their lives. After looking at the facts, you have the nerve to still call them terrorists? And if this isn’t enough, not only do you call them this, you also suggest to those professionals who lost their jobs to pick coffee. That’s obviously disrespectful and when the respect is gone… there’s nothing left! Respect is something that you gain, it is not something required. Now, because of all your disrespect to this country’s dignity, stick to the consequences and continue avoiding the eggs!

The excuse for all the things that are happening is that you are in bankrupt. Well, I thought that when someone is broke they don’t have money to spend in juicy diets for the senators, stupid surveys to monitor the level of fame that you have, to pay personal advisors a succulent salary that is an offense to all the others who are highly prepared and experienced and, thanks to you, are losing their jobs. If you are ruined, please don’t ruin the citizen’s lives. Begin to collect all the money from your friends, yes! Your wealthy friends, the ones who own the big corporations and have huge debts with us…the country, the people who rise early in the morning to earn their daily bread.

 I am in favor of all the strikes and things that are happening against you. We need to be noticed and give you the message that we know what we want. Maybe you tricked us once and you are taking steps to make this an ignorant country by trying to take away some of our history or traditions. But you forget that we aren’t unaware to make our spirits bow to injustice. We have high hopes and spirit. We are willing to going through whatever we have to in order to achieve our ideal: the ideal that favors the middle class worker and suppress the high rich class.

Remember that unfortunately we put you there, but we also can decide when and how you get out.


  1. What an excellent piece of work. I must agree with you in every single point you exposed here, and for me to agree like this is very unlikely, so props for that. You stated clearly your point of view in a problem we’re having at the moment and even if someone is not aware of it, you did an excellent job to open their eyes. Tremendous job, I think that everyone should think like you, and if they don’t, I’m pretty sure that your work might help them see a bit at least.

  2. Great! I enjoyed the reading a lot. I agree with you completely. Why if we are broke our government keeps spending money on unnecessary things like diets, cars, advertisements, etc. We really need a change in this government we can’t continue voting for the same colors because all they do is toy with this precious island. I’s also in favor of strikes not only because we don’t have class, but also because it is a way of telling the government you can’t do anything without us so start changing things.

  3. I agree with all the things that Brenda Mendez wrote in this text. The government is affecting all the society. There are many peoples that have a lot of needs and they can’t satisfy because of them. To be more specific the middle class is the most affected of all. With the money of us they are giving a lot of benefits to the low class. I understand that some people needs that help but, the majority don’t. There are a lot of persons without job receiving all this benefits, when they can fin a job and maintain themselves. So Brenda you did an excellent article.

  4. This is so true, one party critizices the other and sell us as something that is wrong but sometimes what they critizice is part of their politic ideal. This is a very good job. This is exactly the government that what we as Puerto Ricans are sufferig. They cliam for respect, as you said, but they don’t do anything to obtain it. This government is playing with the middle class, destroying it and creating an Island where the rich becomes more rich and the poor becomes more poor.

  5. I admired how directly you are expressing your point of view about the injustices committed by this administration towards Puerto Ricans. Definitely your words cause a reaction in the reader and I really love that, I wish that your work can be appreciated by more people. You mention that the government is ” instilling fear in every family” and I have to agree with you. My family was one of those families, my parents were afraid to lose their jobs after many years of service and also this government still make me feel worried about my future.

  6. The economy of Puerto Rico has had his ups and downs. The government and its decisions work for themselves do not work for the citizens. It is very hard for the citizens of Puerto Rico fight against the government for justice regarding their rights. The IVU is something that it has not contributed that much to Puerto Rico as a country. Puerto Rico and their citizens need better plans to combat the economy and to create new jobs where the citizens are receiving the benefits for the people not for the government. Puerto Rico people lets fight for our rights let us decide in majority not minority.

  7. Your words are really inspiring and really motivating. Your way of portraying the problem that us citizens of Puerto Rico are facing now a day with the so called economic crisis is such an attention graber. It makes me feel good inside to see that some people, like you, are still interested in wanting to rise Puerto Rico out of the economic crisis. Many people have given up on the island and that is why we are not moving forward. Not many people have the courage to put out-front the real problems to why Puerto Rico is stuck in a mud hole. I like how you confidently, yet with respect address yourself to the governor and imply your voice so that you and many can be heard. Your tone is so inviting that as well as this has impacted me, I am sure that it will be a tool of motivation to many others.

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