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I never knew much about my grandfather, but I learned a lot of curious and interesting things about him on the interview. I learned from his childhood, his family and how he met my grandmother. I learned the reason why he is such a responsible and hard working man. My experience in this interview was one of excitement from learning and getting to know my grandfather. It is one of the best moments I have ever shared with him. I felt happy and closer to him—he is my only grandfather. I would very much like to sit down and talk to him more about him.


  1. It is incredible the great amount of things we can discover by simply having a conversation with our grandparents. They are so wise and have lived long enough to teach us what is right and what is wrong. I am glad you got to learn many things about your grandfather and I advise you to continue spending time with him so your knowledge about him grows increasingly. Personally, I know a lot of my maternal grandfather thanks to the time I spend with him. Not only have I learned about his life, but he has also educated me on how the rest of my ancestors were and how they lived.

  2. Talking to ones grandfather is something special. I have talked to my grandfather many times, and their is always new things, new experiences he tells me. As you said it helped to get closer to him. It is also a learning process. I learned many things from the past! I plan on talking to him more often, to learn from him, get closer to him and appreciate all he has done.

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