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You know there’s something funny about

Your teeth when your boyfriend jokes around

Saying he can fit a quarter through them.

That was five years ago. And I would like to

Think that gap has receded. Now only a penny

Can fit through which is a progress of 24 cents.

After my two front baby teeth fell, the ones

That grew made Bugs Bunny – or in modern

Times, Spongebob Squarepants- proud.

As a kid this things don’t matter, on the contrary,

You look cute and you love the attention.

My mom said that she would get me braces

When I reached ten, but nearly ten years

Past deadline, I still have my teeth standing

Wide, proud, and greeting the world.

I am naturally a goofy person, so I don’t mind

My friends or family joking about me being

Spongebob’s girlfriend (thanks mom) or to be

Drawn as THE mouse in every holiday card

By my friends. I even give them a toothy grin

Reserved just for them.

But sometimes my insecurities crack through

My confidence in goofiness’s disguise,

And as it cracks through the surface I feel

My teeth getting larger and larger, first the

Size of Adams Chiclets and then as big as solar

Reflectors made up by my exaggerations.

Or less dramatically a complex that they appear

Larger and the gap more prominent.

When I laugh. A twitching apprehension that

All eyes will be drawn like a magnet to

My front teeth and be tempted to try the

Quarter theory is the reason why I cover my

Mouth when I laugh.

However, as consolation and reason bury my

Insecurities once again, I realize that

It could be worse. Big teeth are better than

NO teeth at all. And at least they are nice,

Pearly white. The seller from the photo company

Said I had a beautiful smile, but then again

He was trying to sell us my graduation portrait

-We ended up buying it-.

but other than company sellers –I wonder if

they even considered filling the gap on the

teeth with Photoshop—I have had people who

think I have a beautiful mouth.

No! Seriously! Pretty lips, they say.

And the first person that comes to my mind

Is Brigitte Bardot. She was one of the most beautiful

And famous (and messed up) women of her time,

And her trademark was her delectable lips.

More desired, more sensuous and more natural

Than Angelina Jolie’s. Brigitte Bardot’s lips

Parted to show the same buckteeth,

Gap included. So if that didn’t keep her from

Becoming one of the most desirable women

Of the ‘60s, it won’t keep me from being

An average, pretty and successful woman.

This will be my mantra until I get my teeth fixed

And can safely look back and say: “Ha!

Who were you trying to fool?!”

Until then, I will stick to my consoling beliefs.




  1. It’s no biggie. It’s normal.

  2. You know, the tooth gap is somewhat my maternal family trademark. I read somewhere that it signals Taino dna. I had it as a small child, but when I list my ” duentes de leche” the gap dissapeared

  3. I love how you mention famous characters and persons for comparison. And Camille, I’ve always found your smile to be radiant and beautiful! 🙂

  4. Beautiful smile indeed. Adorable as it can be.

  5. Esa eres tu!Genuina!

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