Carlos Ángel Manuel Rivera Pagán

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I will be narrating what happpened to me that day in which I came close to death. My closest experience with death was when I was three years old. I almost drowned the pool of my house at my oldest brother’s birthday. It was thanks to my father that I am still alive.

It was not just the art of making a narration that could make everybody feel all the action, but also putting some suspense and drama to make this piece memorable.  Doing  an introduction so everyone could have a premonition of what this video was going to be about, plus an unexpected ending, in my opinion was the secret to the success of this project. At the end it was a great experience, which I enjoyed a lot.

I used Animoto and Video Movie Maker to show a series of video collage that will go along with my narration.


Carlos Angel M. Rivera Pagán is a University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, 2nd year computer engineer major from Bayamón studying to become a programmer.

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