1.12 – Pobre Lechón

Jose J. Torres García

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BAUTISMO BORICUA – It was a cold Friday night when Julio went to meet his friends from work. Simón and Antonio waited inside their favorite bar in Ponce. Inside were pool tables. They had a couple of beers and chatted about their hard work week “Simón, I’ve always dreamed of having a huge party in my house. A party that would last two days, and lechón al carbon cooked in the backyard, live music, beer, family and friends. A Christmas party that no one will forget,” said Julio with smile on his face “That sounds good, Julio. I know where we can buy the pig and I have all the equipment to cook it,” said Simón without hesitating. “And I know some friends that will come to play music just for free beers,” said Antonio sealing the deal. Julio returned home and...

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Norberto Toledo

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PREPARACION DE CARBON VEGETAL – Algunas tareas agrícolas están ya casi en el olvido.  Una de estas es la elaboración de carbón vegetal, o como es conocido leña.   Ya para la época de los mil novecientos sesenta solamente algunos puertorriqueños tenían  conocimiento de esta labor en cuyo caso serian estudiantes de Ciencias Agrícolas ( agronomía) y estos tendrían conocimiento anecdótico no actual. En mi caso mi conocimiento era actual pues desde bien joven ayudaba a mi padre, agricultor por necesidad, en todo lo relacionado a las tareas agrícolas incluyendo la preparación de carbón vegetal que, además de kerosín (Gas como se le conocía) y leña, se utilizaban para cocinar. Pues bien, los materiales y herramientas necesarios para hacer carbón vegetal son: un...

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Joel D. Rodríguez-Rivera

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THE SMILING ARM – It was around three forty in the afternoon when the sun’s rays filtered through one of the windows of the second floor of Clifton Place. Eloina González wiped sweat from her that ran in rivulets down her neck, arms and legs and onto the kitchen floor. It was so hot, just like every day in her cramped apartment. She didn’t think so much about it though, as long as her hard work benefitted her family, it didn’t matter. “¡Ay ya mismo viene la gente, y yo tengo que terminar de cocinar!” Eloina said to herself as she browsed for seasoning ingredients for the pork in the wide bowl on the stove that was already cooking itself in the heat. She liked to use natural, fresh herbs, like oregano, salt, pepper, vinegar, sofrito and cilantro, instead of...

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