1.03 – Sueños

Jonathan Negrón Rodríguez

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KRAZY COMICS — I clearly remember that it was the year 2003 when my father José Negrón first enlightened me with his story of how he founded Krazy Comics, if not the first, one of the first legitimate Puerto Rican comic book companies in Puerto Rico in the year 1991. I was no older than twelve by the time he first told me. I found this story fascinating; not because of the details of his story, those could not enthrall me for I didn’t understand the inner workings of a company and its ethics. No, I found this story remarkable, simply because it was about comic books and superheroes flitting around in colorful costumes saving the fine citizens of Puerto Rico from another tyrannical threat. Now, nine years later, I’ve asked my father to relay the story...

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Lorraine Acevedo Franqui

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THROUGH TIME AND SORROW – It was a clear summer afternoon. The sun spread angry, golden fingers, reaching for cotton-like clouds that escaped from its grasp.  A breeze blew strands of my hair back and forth, inviting leaves into its dance of twirls and turns in the air. It carried the smell of dead flowers and freshly dug, humid earth. It was eerily quiet. I clasped my hands behind me, my eyes to the ground as I kicked pebbles away with my combat boots. Not far from me, the person I love the most in the world was crying softly, kneeling in front of the simple grave with a white marble top belonging to Alejandro Franqui. A bouquet of red roses rested on it, as if forgotten. Tears streamed down the furrows of her face, those lines which the passage of time...

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Miosotis Vélez Silva

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COMING HOME – My dad is a patient in the San Juan Veterans Hospital psychiatric ward. Before that, he hadn’t been able to sleep for weeks due to violent, recurring nightmares of Vietnam. His diagnosis is critical and he is on numerous medications. When I found out, I thought, they must be wrong. Surely they have exaggerated because my dad is a strong, caring and active person. He’s not crazy! I was in shock when I heard he was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. But it explained why he did things like jump into a roadside ditch one night when the fireworks began to explode at the town fair. After it was over, he climbed out and walked back home to change. I had always dismissed his behavior as the result of growing up in a remote part of Lajas,...

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Priscila Padilla

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THREE SOLDIERS – THREE STORIES – During the mid-nineteen forties, in a coastal town bathed by the ocean’s waves, where all the houses were built with wood and palm tree branches, with floors of sand where few people owned shoes, lived a family of nine. They lived very humbly, their main food plates were the popular Puerto Rican harina con habichuelas and the typical cup of fresh and foamy leche de cabra of that era. The family was composed of a young couple who had three sons and four daughters. They were tight as a girdle and shared everything. The years rolled by, like a bus on its daily route. The family managed to move to the United States in search of the American dream, a better future for them. Little did the family think at the time, three of...

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Melvin Vega Virella

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FROM ITALY WITH LOVE – How we found these photos was quite interesting. I called my mom the week before telling her that I needed some family photos so that when I went home I would have an easy time going through them. Well, apparently my mom forgot to do that, and when I got there were no photos, none at all! So we went to a storage facility where my mom has most of the things that are rarely used. We had to take out almost all of the things in the storage since the photos were in a box at the end of the storage. It looked like a fortress made of cardboard boxes. And we had to move them one by one. Then we reached one of the boxes in the far back. It was conveniently labeled photos. We separate it from the rest and put the rest back in the storage...

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Milton Ortíz

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DO YOU BELIEVE IN ANGELS? – People believe in angels in different ways. For those who are Catholics like me, we know that angels are a very important figure in the Bible because they are the messengers of God. They are mediators between Heaven and Earth. An angel gave Mary the news that she was going to give birth to the one who would save the humanity. For me, every single person has an angel watching his back. Sometimes you might feel like you’re about to give up and then you feel that breath of hope motivating you to not fall, that little voice that reminds you that you are never alone. For me, angels are people whom we really care about, people who have marked our lives in some way, people we love so much that even though they no longer walk the earth,...

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