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Payaso:2010 - FO-Q Press

Payaso:2010 – FO-Q Press


At first, I was okay with the strike since it was only going to last 2 days.  I was pretty happy about it since I had a really hard organic chemistry test on Wednesday.  Yet, I was very upset when I found out that the students wanted to keep the strike going until Thursday.  I feel as if many students just wanted us not to have class for their own benefit.  I am not saying we shouldn’t fight for our rights, it’s just that we need to proceed in a different way such as trying to talk.  Yet this has become the less popular way of solving problems.  Today you solve a problem by throwing an egg at the governor or creating a strike at our university, and this takes us where… nowhere.

I am not sure if I am against or for this strike.  For me, it is a hard decision because I agree with some points of view yet I disagree with others.  I disagree with how losing all these class days can help towards their “goal”.  I find it very unfair; this can cost us a semester.  I really hope this doesn’t happen; I had to work hard to find the classes I have and I am doing really well in all of my classes.  It would be very devastating for me to lose a semester.  I know this doesn’t only affect me but other students too and even the professors. We all need to work, or study, it is part of our everyday life and because of all these problems going on we are all stuck at home doing nothing!  For me this is one of the hardest things since I love to be working and doing assignments.

Although I am against this protest, I agree that this university should not be sold and made private.  Many students including myself depend on federal help to study.  If they make the university a private one, we will not be able to pay to study here.  It is hard for me to pay for all of my books—now imagine if the credits were 150 or more.  This is a horrible thing.  These actions taken by students and the government affect our society not only physically but emotionally.  I feel that this should be solved as soon as possible.


  1. Well, as a fellow Colegio student, I must agree that losing a semester is very hard, but what else do we have to offer in order to make our rights and claims heard? If we don’t put our education on the line by striking, the government or whoever has control over this issue, will just ignore our rights because they have nothing to lose. I must admit that we might feel the “recoil” of our actions against the government when we lose semesters or have to spent Christmas taking exams away from our family, but what about the upcoming generations of students? What about our future children? Maybe it’s a bit unfair right now for us, but for them it will be harder if we don’t raise our voice to fight for our rights.

  2. Hi, Catherine

    Would you know an Eddie Alberto Cuevas Nieves. He is my grandfather.
    He is from Puerto Rico as well. My moms name is Lorena Cuevas.

    I hope to hear from you soon.


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