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This was a great experience for me, interviewing my mom, because I got to know things she had never told me. One of the things that really shocked me was the type of punishment her father gave her when she didn’t finish her housework. Almost with tears in her eyes she told when he arrived home and didn’t see the housework done the way he wanted he threw uncooked rice on the floor and made my mom kneel there with two heavy rocks,  one in each of her hands, for the time he thought was enough. He gave the rocks to her to add more weight and in consequence the pain in my mom knees would be even more. I was also amazed with the way they used to get the water to do all the housework. Each of my mom’s  oldest brothers had to go downhill in the back of my grandma’s house to look for water in a well , and then they carried it to the house. She also mentioned one type of food her mom usually made and required the work of every brother and sister. The girls had to do the cooking while the boys gathered the firewood and set up the fire. Mom always was the one in charge of cutting the plantain leaves and then softened them with the fire and cleaned them with a wet cloth. This was to make the famous “pasteles” which turned out to be a family tradition with the passing of time. I am very grateful for all the things my mom learned through all those years, such as: cooking, being independent, getting over hard times in her path through life, and never giving up.

This was an awesome exercise to do with people you want to learn more about. This is one of my biggest goals, since I got to know more of my mother’s life and how hard her father was with her. Now I know why she is so aware of everything around, life made her like that. I never judge her, and never will because she   has her reasons to be like that. I’m very proud of my mom, because in some way she made me  who I am. Thanks mom!


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