Clara Cruet Burgos

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The objective of this interview was to know more about the early life of my father. He told me that he was very active in politics when he was younger and, because of that he was pursued by the police, which provoked a lot of troubles in his life. Although I knew that, I was very curious about the details. Why exactly did he do to be pursued? How did he find out he was being pursued? I knew they made a kind of folder about his life because I read them when I was little, but I never asked him about it. How did they find all that information? I also was curious to know what the government does with all those cases; I knew he wasn’t the only one.

During the interview my father told me that he was pursued just because of his politics ideals, something that I find unfair. He started explaining how he found out and he told me stories about moments when he saw the police following him. It was fun because I never imagined my father making fun of the police like he did. My father also surprised me with the decision of not to demand the government because he thought that was like demanding himself and his country, so he forgave them. It was an amazing experience, although the interview was about my father, I felt more connected than ever with him.





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