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The Day the Sun Stayed Sleeping is a memory that marked my life forever. It is about Hurricane Georges which came to Puerto Rico on September 21, 1998. It destroyed my house in Añasco, PR. I was only six years old at the time; I was the youngest, but I remember everything clearly. How my house ended up with no roof, and my family and me had to stay trapped in my bathroom which was the only safe place in my house. Here, we had to stay until the rescuers came to get us out. We were homeless for about a month after the hurricane. It had destroyed lots of beautiful memories and objects that were very important to us. One of these including the birthday cake for my brother and me, since we both have birthdays in September. Thankfully even if we lost our home and memories, we were safe. After all, the most important thing was that our family was together.

The media I used to create my project was all thanks to Voicethread. I found some pictures that witnessed the hurricane. These pictures were old and some were wet, being the quality isn’t exactly perfect. I uploaded my pictures, created as a slideshow, and commented on them to tell my story. The audio was the best I could do, since this story is very strong for me to share. It was very hard for me to tell it without getting emotional. But after all, I was able to do it to share with the audience.

I feel very good about this project. I love sharing my life stories since I know that there are some people who have gone through something similar as me. This was a very hard story for me to share. I remember everything from this event and it marked me for life. I am very happy my family and I were able to get through this. I hope this story touches my audience just like it has done to me.  I feel very accomplished and grateful that I had the opportunity to share my work. I really hope the audience enjoys it.

Cynthia M. Román Martiz is a second-year English Major from Añasco studying at University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez to become a professional writer/editor.


  1. Hi Cynthia

    I am writing to thank you for your story which fills me with such memories, not so much by my own if not for the stories that my grandmother made ​​me and how it survived Hurricane San Ciprian on September 26, 1932. As you mention in your story, you’re not the only one, because like you, my grandmother survived that storm not so very different from your own history, at the time she was just 7 years.



  2. Cynthia i am really touch with your story and that is because it happend te same thing to me when Hurricane Gorge pass by Puerto Rico. i have to tell you we are not so far away me and you because im from Moca and to tell you more it happen the same thing to me. I was 8 years when this happen but as you do i feel really greacious that my family is alive and that even today we can still have happy moment after that horrible disaster.

  3. I really enjoyed reading and watching the video you made Cynthia. While I was watching it I was having flashbacks of that day. I did not lose my house, the ceiling went off on the kitchen and thank God nothing else. My grandparents lost much more, their roof fell completely and all the appliances in the house got completely damaged. The good thing is that we are still alive and nothing worse happened.

  4. When I read this story, I found  it interesting, because it makes me remember my experience with Hurricane George. Like you, I was also very small. I was five years old, but I still remember everything that happened as if it were yesterday. My family and I have not lost the House, but we lost many things of value. And although there were many things lost, the most important thing was that the family remained safe. We have to thanks God because we kept alive and not became a loss more than the material. That was a great story.

  5. It was nice to know about your story Cynthia. I live in San German, and when this hurricane came I stayed at my grandparents house in Guanica, I was only 5 years-old, but I remember that this hurricane destroyed many houses all over the island. I remember that my Uncle’s house was completely ripped by Georges. I might say even though my house wasn’t destroyed, we all suffered great losses when Georges came.

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