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Puertorican Roots…El averiguao

There is a certain time in all kids’ life where curiosity wakes up. That interest is different in every kid over the entire globe. In Puerto Rico, that excessive curiosity, we call  it presentamientos, or if I refer to somebody in specific presentao. But who are we to  judge? We all have been kids, and our curiosity was always there. Thanks to it, we learned many new things in life, even though sometimes it hurt…A lot.

Changing the topic a little bit, you know, a curious fact about Puerto Rico’s emergency response system, is death is actually faster and more efficient.  In fact, you could feel the most lucky person in the world if somebody actually did something. If there is a robbery in your home, I suggest, tell the 911 there are several dead people, some wounded. Maybe the thirty minutes it normally takes to arrive on the scene would be reduced to twenty-eight minutes, if you are lucky.

Do you remember every kid’s dream to go to Disneyland? Well it was mine too, and it finally was a reality on the Thanksgiving Week of 2002. I went with my sister and my  brother, many cousins, uncles and aunts and family friends. O man!! Disneyland was so wicked cool, no wonder it’s every kid’s dream to go there. Castles, Mickey Mouse, food,  pools, animals shows, and of course ROLLER COASTERS.

We stayed at Mango Tree Villages, nice place. I loved Orlando it was a very comfortable place. We went to Magic Kingdom, Sea World, Animal Kingdom, and Busch Gardens in fact almost every place. I  stayed there for about ten days. I enjoyed everything a lot, food, theme parks, family, everything.

On  the 6th day, it was Thanksgiving Day, my family and friends agreed to reunite in Manuel’s village, the one that he rented for the stay, it was like two houses to the left from ours. My dad “Juan” went to Manuel’s home while my mother and my brother and sister dressed up. Armando and Sara my cousins played with me cards in one of the rooms while my mother, my aunt Elena and their dad Manuel dressed up. Actually there were like six Manuels including me so you might get confused.

Anyway while we were playing cards I saw the room’s telephone, normally used to call for food or to ask for towels, etc. not to make real calls. In that instant the only thing that passed through my mind was; “WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF I DIAL 911, NOTHING? LET’S SEE!!”

Yes I did it, I dialed 911 but I didn’t let it ring more than 4 seconds and hung up. Like nothing happened, I kept playing cards with my cousins. Exactly seven minutes later the door bell rang. I thought it was my dad whom, half an hour earlier went to Manuel’s home. I ran to the door and opened it… Thank God I don’t have cardiac problems, even though I felt I was going to have a stroke.

What happened?? One fire truck, two ambulances, three police cars and policemen at the door; that’s what happened. The officer asked me if everything was okay, because they received an emergency call from that village but no one actually talked, so they went to check. At that time my brother Juanchy was five-years-old and my cousin Christian was also five. Guess who took the blame? Yeah the kids. I told the officer that the kids were playing upstairs in the room and maybe they were the ones who made the call.

The officer looked at me like he knew that I was lying, and said: BE MORE CAREFUL, AND HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And took off. I replied to him in a kindly matter and closed the door. I told what happened to my parents and everyone in the Thanksgiving dinner they all just laughed at me. My dad said to me “Eso te pasa por presentao”, “That happens when you are extremely curious.” The next day was the last one that we were going to theme parks and every time I saw a policemen, I was actually @#$% on my pants because I thought I was getting arrested for calling to 911 for no reason.

I’m almost 100% sure that to any American who was born in the states, they know that even though nobody talks in an emergency call, someone would do something.  As a Puertorican, I know 911 is like 411. You have to wait a lot to get a response. I would have never imagined how different things were in the states. As Puertoricans, I’m sure we are in the need of seeing things by ourselves and because of that happened what happened.

As a curious fact do you know what is the most abundant bird species in Puerto Rico…? “El Averiguao”.

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