Evon Flores

Evon Flores


I have lived my entire Latina reality in a place where the sound of my heart had no voice, but the shape of my body heralded loud and clear all the unrelenting perversions spoken to it and about it. Objectification became my crucifixion, imposing its suffocating oppression on any definition of virtue I might claim as my own. To lose one’s virtue manifests itself as an empty space in the soul.

I create art as a form of release. To give voice to the visual that clouds my mind, gives color to my immediate and completes the editorial that is my soul. I wander down the trail left by mother nature given to me as connection to the purpose that is art. Her gifts, bountiful and  beautiful, challenge my mind, and engage my spirit, fulfilling what has been lost to my history.  in this moment, she is my muse and I am her voice.

So to all women of this world I say, ‘rejoice in the edifice that carries and shelters the heart and soul, for this is essential.’


I title my work “From The Kitchen; Creating Meals for the Mind’s Eye”. I call it this because I create all of my work, well-in my kitchen. I paint everything; from canvas to dry seed pods found on the ground; paper maché to clay. If it’s interesting, I paint it-all of it. I’ve attached photos of some cocos I’ve painted as well as tiny clay faces. I am also a poet, writer, actor and performer. I’m a Gemini (smile).


Serving Meals for the Mind’s Eye

that space never quiets

never stills in loneliness

as long as i am…

even the simplest of words

whether short

or unclear

are perfect verses

for an imperfect world


He Who Seeks Beauty Will Find It: Bill Cunningham (Photographer)