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I interviewed my mother because I wanted to know  what  her life was like before me and what were the most important things to her. In summary,  what made her the person that she is today. I wanted to know all the answers. It was kind of funny that she always mentioned me in almost all the questions. I found the reason behind her choice of  profession, right now, she is a social worker and a clinical psychologist.    The reason for that was that  her sister when she was young got sick and everyone thought she was going to die but until today she is still  alive. At the end my mother told me that she found out that I am the very reason for all her life.   That  her life depends on me or something like that like the solar system.  That I am her sun as she is the earth in an orbit around me. I knew at the end of the interview that  I am really the most important thing in her life.  Before I was born her family and her sister were the most important ones. The most important thing before me was the need to succeed in order to get her family  ahead. This included   helping her mother, helping  her sister and everyone she could.  She knew she could not help her sister at that moment and the only way to do that was to go study and succeed.

When I was interviewing my mother I really felt very weird. When I looked at her, at her eyes I could feel all the emotions  that she felt ; that shift between sadness and happiness as the questions continued.. I felt happy because I know that she has done the things that she wanted to do to evolve and succeed and is still doing it every day. At some time I felt a little sadness because I thought she was going to cry remembering something of her childhood; the way she was speaking sometimes changed but she never cried. This exercise  really made me spend some more time with my mother than I usually do. It really helped  me understand what my mother thinks because of what she has been through.   She always told me the road for success is not easy but it is worth it.


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