Esta Vida Boricua Educator’s Page Submission Guidelines

The majority of stories published on Esta Vida Boricua, with the exception of those published in the Gallery were the result of classroom writing activities.  Esta Vida Boricua is a wonderful resource for the classroom offering models to teachers of the types and genres of stories their students can produce that focus on the various themes. In an effort to make Esta Vida Boricua even more useful in the classroom, we have added an Educator’s Page.

Esta Vida Boricua is accepting contributions to its Educator’s Page. The Educator’s Page provides teachers with innovative classroom writing activities that range from creative to critical and generate writing practices and products.

Before you submit your workshop or activity, take the time read and comment on the stories and please share them with your school and your students and encourage them to subscribe and comment . Subscribing allows you to receive updates and stay connected to this community storytelling project.

Support us so we can support you.

The writing activities can focus on any aspect of culture such as identity, otherness, community and family lore, mythology, history and traditions and so on. It can engage any writing technology, from pen and paper to dramatic performance, to multi-modal/media elements. It can be submitted in text or power point with instructions and links to materials or as a video demonstration.

We do not have a full staff of editors so we cannot edit your submissions. In fact we are all volunteers. Thus, writing activities may be submitted in Spanish or English or both, but must be edited by the author. Any documents that require editing will be returned to the author for corrections.

We will gratefully accept your submission in both languages to better serve diverse classrooms.

We welcome submissions from student teachers but the submissions must meet the approval of your supervisors.

Please follow the submission guidelines below. Submissions may be returned if they do not follow submission guidelines.

  • Label a folder for all your digital files – last name, first name


#1 – Writing Activity

  • Label doc. Or docx. file – “Last name, first name – Writing Activity”
  • Size 12 font – Times New Roman
  • Single-spaced with double spaces between paragraphs
  • Do not use any other formatting –
  • Type – Upper left hand corner – your full name, as you would like it to appear along with any professional title.
  • Below your name – title of your activity – English Style Capitalizations
  • Description of your activity with goals and objectives and recommendations for grade level.
  • Instructions for the activity
  • Hypertext Links to your materials
  • Bibliography – if any
  • Writers retain their copyrights and all users agree to use for educational purposes only as defined under the Fair Use Act. Please add your copyright logo at the end of your activity as well as a contact email.

#2 Bio & Contact Info

  • Label doc. Or docx. file – “Last name, first name – Bio & Contact”
  • Size 12 font – Times New Roman
  • Single-spaced with double spaces between paragraphs
  • Do not use any other formatting –
  • Contact info outside the university
  • Bio – student teachers complete this sentence. For others  – complete this sentence for a mini-bio and we can add a link for your full bio.

Student Teacher
Name + Age + year + major + hometown + university or job + desire or greater purpose when you graduate or the fact that you have graduated and what degree you hold and what you intend to do with it.

EXAMPLE – Omar Barbot Yambo is a twenty-year-old, third year geology student from Mayaguez, who is studying at the University of Puerto Rico and who wants to understand the natural processes of the world better.

#3 Your photo – labeled – file labeled “Last name, first name – photo”


You must submit your video or PowerPoint in a readable file labeled – “Last name, first name – writing activity”

Using the structure above, you must also submit a description of the activity, goals and objectives – recommended grade level – as well as a separate file for the Bio Contact info and a photo of you properly labeled.

All work is submitted via Dropbox. Send your requests for a Dropbox invitation to:

Queries: Sonja S. Mongar, Managing Editor