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 In my Multimodal Memoir, I talk about my grandfather Rafael Avilés and the Mayagüez milk industry where he worked.

 Rafael Avilés was born in a small house made of palm trees in Lajas, Puerto Rico on October 12, 1932 and unfortunately died on November 28, 2006. His father Juan Avilés, a Spaniard, was married to Francisca Ortiz who was a native Puerto Rican Indian.

 In 1950, he joined the United States Army, at the age of 18. He retired from the Army in 1960 and became a veteran of the Korean War. He moved to Mayagüez looking for work in 1960 at a place called La Cocora, nowadays known as el Litoral. He started to work in 1964 with the first milk industry of the west side of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Dairy. This milk industry was located in Betances Street in the Paris neighborhood of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.

 At that time before cars existed in Puerto Rico, milk was delivered to each person’s house in a wagon pulled by oxen. My grandfather had to drive one of these wagons. The milk that was delivered was in glass bottles that were kept on iron crates.

 My grandfather liked his job because he talked to everyone and met many women.  He was some sort of Casanova. After this job he obtained another one in the government.  He got legally married 3 times and had many children, approximately 20.  He only recognized 12 of them.

 I’m interested in this because I think this is part of Puerto Rican history. This milk industry was the first one in the western part of Puerto Rico and an important part for the people of the west area of Puerto Rico. It was a great experience doing this work because this reminds me a lot my grandfather and who he was.

 For my multimodal memoir I did a video in Animoto. I used images that I searched for online since I didn’t have many photos of my grandfather.  On other hand, I included text about the story. The song I used is from El Gran Combo – El Menu.

Francisco A. Negrón Avilés is a reserved, 19 year-old from Mayagüez, Puerto Rico who is a third year chemical engineering student from the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez Campus who wants to impact the world’s environment with technology.


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