Franklin Román Rodríguez

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Roman, Franklin



Franklin is sick in his bed and has just arrived from the hospital.  Hurricane Georges is raging in full force and Franklin is scared. The sweat can be seen coming down his face because of his high fever. The hurricane suddenly becomes stronger and Franklin cannot sleep. His mom comes into the room and tries to comfort him until he can go to sleep again.

Technology:  The site facilitated the use of the comics. I then took them as individual pictures, edited them using paint. Finally with the help of Animoto I was able to put them in order.

Performance: There will be dialogue between the characters and there will be comic strips telling the story as it progresses; also music to go along with the mellow feeling of the story leading up to the happy ending.


  1. True Story only that your 12 days old baby sister is missing from the story. So nice to know how important I was for you at that moment. It was on Sept 21, 1998.

  2. Nice story! The comics looked pretty good.

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