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The person that I interviewed was my grandmother. Her name is Genara Sierra but she prefers to be called Lola Sierra. I wanted to interview her because I always heard from my mother of all the things my grandmother did in the past, all the things she had to go through. I said that this was the perfect person that I had to interview for this project. I found out a lot of things about her life that I didn’t know. She had a lot of jobs just to pay everything that she had to. She worked at a sewing company and in other places just to survive practically. One peculiar thing I found out was that she first lived in Puerto Rico, but then moved to the United States. There she worked, but the good thing was that she found “the love of her life”, who is my grandfather. After I heard that, I was without words because of the phrase she used and that I didn’t know that my grandmother and grandfather met in The United States.

This was an interesting exercise to complete. Not many people take the time to sit with other people and talk about the past; what they did and all of those things. I felt amused, surprised, and exited to hear all the things I heard.  Which I have to say, for some it may seem little, but knowing my grandmother, it was a lot to hear from her. She isn’t one to express a lot. Interviewing people is a great way to learn about history and what it can give us.





  1. Wow Gabriel, what a nice story about one of the most important human being on earth to me: Grandmothers ! They are so full of stories and love to share. I felt identified about your project because I could have done the same about my grandmother. She never left Puerto Rico for working but my grandfather came to Puerto Rico one or two months after divorcing from his 2nd marriage when he knew my grandmother and have been together for 47 years! Is just so exiting for me to learn and read about other successful, hard work and admiring stories of our past. Beautiful work.

  2. Gabriel if you read this then you will recognize me. We went to the same school Marista. Im happy to see the bit of oral history you have gathered from your grandmother because it is always good to know our past history, even more if it involves our family. It is very coincidential but my granparents also met in the US and my grandmother also worked at a sewing company as well as in many other jobs to pay the bills. This is a very interesting coincedence because the reason our grandparents had such similar lifestyles as well as many other Puerto Rican grandparents had to be because of the economy, social and cultural customs or politics at the time. This is a topic definitely worth studying.

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