Artist’s Statement – My interest in film dates back to 2001, I was in middle school back then, after watching the film A Beautiful Mind.  As I walked out of that theater, I felt something that I was unable to put into words. A sense of inspiration from that movie in particular drove me to consider a degree in mathematics, or so I thought. I reckoned the passion I felt was about mathematics; and since I was doing fairly well with the subject in high school, I decided to pursue it. Meanwhile, as I grew older I developed a taste for film, but didn’t give it much thought.

In College, I decided to major in Physics due to its mathematics content. Physics was also an interesting subject to study. Nevertheless, I noticed a shift in interests during my freshman year. When taking the third Calculus test, I only answered half of it; I did so badly I couldn’t believe it I realized I hated math. I sat down on a bench realizing that I couldn’t study Physics if I hated math and couldn’t understand it in the long run, so what to do? Then it finally hit me, English Literature; reading, writing…  I had taken an Introductory Literature freshman course, a course I had really loved. I enjoyed reading and writing, and it was so close to Cinematography.  It would be perfect. My poor performance in Calculus led me to realize that my true passion was to learn about and make films. My passion for film had been growing slowly since high school but I had never paid much attention to it until that moment. Then, I decided to switch majors and study English Literature instead of Physics.

As an English Literature major, I have enriched myself with the reading of books and the study of different authors. I have acquired the content knowledge and skills to understand and the acumen for cinema since I believe it derives from literature itself. For example, the three-part story arc, the creation of complex characters, and the hero’s journey derive, in some way or another, from literature. I am certain that  this knowledge of essays, poetry, novels, and authors I has made me able to create complex and interesting films which people will enjoy.

It was the curricular sequence towards a minor in Film I completed that provided me the fundamental knowledge and skills in film history, theory and craft. It furthered my understanding of what makes film work, as well as giving me the opportunity to work with a group of people to create films. These experiences have provided the groundwork and motivation to learn more and to enrich my education regarding film.

I have made some short films where I have directed, edited or worked in the cinematography.  I am convinced that with my background in literature I am capable of developing my mind creatively and telling a good story cinematographically.  My current studies towards a Master in Fine Arts in film is only broadening and deepening my understanding of cinematography, directing, editing, and producing. As a director, I picture myself as a team member who works to continuously create unforgettable cinematic experiences.

Now, I understand that what I felt when I was first inspired to pursue mathematics when I watched  A Beautiful Mind was not about the content but how it was cinematographically formed and how this form of storytelling made me care for the characters and all the problems they faced together. That’s the kind of movies I want to make – outside the mainstream, to be a filmmaker who provokes his audience to reflect on the meaning and imponderables of life.



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Samples of recent work:


12 April 2013 – Short film: “Alex y Fabio ya no están” (Alex and Fabio are no longer here)


Director and Editor for a short film accepted for showing at the Rincón International Film Festival, Hotel Rincón of the Seas, Rincón, Puerto Rico






May 2012 – Short film: “Abrir y cerrar de ojos” (Blink of an eye)

Director for the short film produced as a class project


10— 15 April 2012 – Short film: “Fulcro” (Fulcrum)

Writer with Fabiola Martínez and Director and Editor for a short film accepted for showing at the Rincón International Film Festival, Hotel Rincón of the Seas, Rincón, Puerto Rico


17 March— 3 April 2012 – Biotalents documentary

Director, Editor and Cinematographer for the short film documentary produced as a work study  Project for the University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez Biotalents project sponsored by Amgen


December 2011 – Short film: “Kinetoscope”

Director with Wanda Castro for the short film produced as a class project


August 2011 – Short film: “Start, stop, die, run”

Writer and Director for a short film accepted to be presented at CineArs Festival, San Juan, Puerto Rico


14— 15 June 2011 – Short film: “Blanco, negro y lo que está entremedio


Writer, Director and Editor for a short film that was presented at the second night opening of the Sundance Film Festival, Sundance Film Forward, Yagüez Theater, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.





May 2011 – Short film: “Buena persona”

Editor for the short film produced as a class project


12— 16 April 2011 – Short film: “Start, stop, die, run”

Writer and Director for a short film accepted for showing at the Rincón International Film Festival, Hotel Rincón of the Seas, Rincón, Puerto Rico


12 November 2010 – Thirty seconds commercial “Robo de identidad” (Identity theft)

Cinematographer, Co-Director and Editor for this 30-seconds commercial for a contest sponsored by the Bank Association of PR and Federal Reserve Bank of NY, as part of the Financial Awareness Video Contest, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico


18 July— 1 August 2010 – Documentary “Llama de aliento”, Spider Film Productions, Allen Pulliza, Director

Cinematographer for the film that was submitted as a contribution for the movie “Los Ojos del Pueblo/The Eyes of the People” , that relates the experiences and events of the 2010 Central America and Caribbean Games held at Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.


June 2010— Short film: “Deep love”

Cinematographer for the Short Film Challenge 15/15 Film Festival. The challenge consisted in using an object and a quote given at the beginning of the day of shooting. Had to use the object: newspaper in 85% of the shots and incorporate the quote: “There’s beauty in randomness”. Planned, shot and edited in 15 hrs.


December 2009 – Silent short film “Una guerra silenciosa” (A silent war)

Director, Cinematographer and Editor for the short silent film produced as a class project


June 2009 – Short film: “Epeler”

Director, Cinematographer and Editor for my first independent film that was produced as an independent film project