1981. NASA’s premier shuttle ” Columbia” is launched into space; IBM introduces its first personal computer; and the term, “internet,” is introduced; MTV launches on national cable; the first American test tube baby is born; scientists name the AIDS virus and Ronald Reagan becomes president of the United States. That same year, under the influence of lobster gluttony – or so my father explains – my mother pushed me out into the world. “Elizabeth” or “Salome”  – that was the real dilemma – so I was named Eva and got my paradise.

By 2000, our generation was expected to travel in flying cars and eat synthesized food packets. The first we are yet to meet, but the second is not that far from reality. Food no longer resembles its origin. The idea is to produce convenience as opposed to real nourishment. As a mother of a two,  this has to be one of the main challenges of living in this century. Connecting to nature and not in the simple ways of a tree-hugger but in the complexity of working mother and student inside a technology-filled, artificial world-with all its demands-seems impossible. It is not. Meaning that if the urge to stereotype arises, you can call me a “hybrid.”

Eva, my parents couldn’t have named me any other way. So, here I stand, confused with life, origin and faith. Ironic, maybe not.

Lo Que Guinda (text)

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