Everything is a remix. There are no new ideas, only new ways of presenting old ideas. As Thomas Jefferson said, “He who receives an idea from me receives it without lessening me, as he who lights his candle at mine receives light without darkening me.” It is with this mindset that I set out to steal shamelessly. Everything I see is fair game, and with the collective consciousness of the Internet in front of me, I can see a lot.

I don’t aim to say anything in my writing. I can’t. My writing process won’t allow it. I have to write with two mindsets. The first is fast, running to catch the idea floating down the river of fleeting thought. He never stops, never thinks, runs purely on instinct. He is free to act, get messy, write badly, scribble on and about everything as it crosses him. This is the wild mind, a mash-up collective spilling ink on the page. Then there is the editor, that meticulous butcher, that hack, that wordsmith that pounds at the keyboard trying to shape this gnarled block of text into something presentable. Every phrase, every punctuation mark, and every line break is examined. The editor has no time to be creative, he is on a deadline and can only use what he is given, plus the collected knowledge of the Internet and liberal use of the backspace key. Both mindsets should never share the same room.

To me, poetry is montage, a compilation of stories and discoveries that I want to share with the world. I use poetry to examine things I don’t understand, and then express my research in a way others might find entertaining. The only thing I intend to do with my work is share it, hoping that someone will steal from me.

Jose A. Troche, remix artist and aspiring futurist, has been presenting his work at open mics for nearly ten years. His work has been published in Ditch, pastiche, and Poesia Zurde. Hailing from New York by way of Puerto Rico, he currently resides in the Republic of Korea. More work can be found at Sudo Success.

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