I love words, love playing and experimenting with words. And I love reading anything from tin cans and bottle labels to graffiti and street signs to Vergil’s Aeneid in Latin, Shakespeare, John Donne, Jane Austen, Ann Petry, Derek Walcott, and Edwidge Danticat in English, to the works of Calderón, Cervantes, Rosario Ferré, Ana Lydia Vega, and Latin American Boom writers in Spanish, to Manzoni’s I Promessi Sposi in Italian. Since my childhood I’ve had the heart of a performer taking part in dance recitals, acting and directing scenes from Shakespeare to stories from my own imagination. And yet as a very young child I refused to speak and people would ask my mother if I was mute. In first grade I had trouble learning to write, even my first name, and then even more trouble trying to simultaneously learn to read and write in Spanish and English and Italian. But as part of my creative journey I’ve had wonderful and challenging experiences working with writers such as Ishmael Reed and Cornelius Eady. Also as part of my journey, during the summer of 2012, I worked with performance artist Heather Woodbury at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida adapting my poems and my work-in-progress, “Kites: A Childhood Memoir”, for the stage. The act of performing my work was a process which gave me a deeper insight into my life and work and helped me more fully realize the importance of writing and engaging totally with one’s body and mind with the writing.

And COMING SOON – Linda will be a guest editor for Esta Vida Boricua with her new project at Biblioteca Juvenil De Mayaguez – LA NIÑEZ EN LA ISLA







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