On Tuesday, September 19th , 2005 –  six Puerto Rican poets from the mainland converged with poets from the island and shared the stage at the Anfiteatro Figueroa Chapel, University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez. They performed to a packed house of students, faculty and the community.

Mainland Puerto Rican poets: Mariposa, Sandra Garcia, Maria Arroyo, Flaco Navaja, Anthony Morales, and Tony Medina. Local poets: Angel Matos, Hugo Rios & Alexandra Pagan among others as well as a host of performers for the open mike that preceded and followed the show.

It was MC’d by Professor Laura Bravo and Professor Sonja Mongar, and stage managed by Professor Sonja Mongar. Sponsors: Latin Writer’s Institute, Hostos Community College, RUM Department of Humanities, Hispanic Studies, English and Dean of Arts & Sciences.

The Velada Poetica documentary was directed and produced by Sonja Mongar



Sandra Garcia

Maria Luisa Arroyo

Flaco Navaja

Anthony Morales

Angel Matos

Tony Medina

Alexandra Pagan

Hugo Rios