As an artist, I seek to present the conflicts that inhabit the society in which I live. My work is a direct reflection of the structures of conflict I perceive in my surroundings. I’m especially interested in the relationship between the forms or spaces made by humans who respond to reason and a structure of thought and the organic forms made by nature which responds to a distinctive order determined, not by reason but by an evolutionary, spontaneous and balanced relationship between the various elements of this universal system. This juxtaposition of meaning and structure at the same time tackles concepts of time and decay, reflecting on how organic and artificial structures deal with their transformation or death through time.




Plate 1 – Fragilmentor 2 – Serigraphy                                                         Plate 2 – La urna es el ataud – Acrilic

Plate 3 – Simbiosis 1- Mixed Media                                                              Plate 4 – Pensando, pensandome – Dry Point

Plate 5 – Mecanizado al borde, se deshoja el cuerpo – Dry Point           Plate 6 – Abuela Santa – Dry Point


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