My artwork takes a psychological approach in the meaning behind it. Although the theme may not be psychology, I have made it my goal to reach into the minds of people and make them think, and feel deep emotion. My works take a surrealist approach on the realities of life, death and experience.

I cannot say that there is one thing that influences me over all else. I tend to find my inspiration in many things; music, politics, world problems, personal experience, things I am passionate about, things I can’t stand, fears, insecurities, pride, sceneries, things I have read, and so much more. I am not afraid of exposing things through my paintings. I have ranged from decaying faces to figures of beauty and grace. I am not looking to show off pretty things I can paint from a picture, but rather to find truth behind the things that inspire me. I have learned through the years that truths are not always beautiful and I convey this in my work.

Although some pieces of mine may be dark and seem rather grim, I have a very positive view on life, though this has only been recently achieved. I love observing beautiful things, like trees and beaches. I love the ocean more than any other scenery that I can access freely. I feel a sense of overwhelming calm when sitting on the sand and watching the waves, knowing that there is no end in sight, knowing that I can swim as far as my body can take me. I fear words like “eternity”, yet I feel completely at ease when I see no barriers. I want my artwork to be seen as such; no barriers, all out in the open for all to see.

I am an artist first and foremost, but my passions range from psychology and logic, to theories and writings. I tend to avoid liking one thing more than another and so my taste in music, artists and writers is very eclectic. My favorite artists would be from the Renaissance; I aspire to paint with the same detail as them. My favorite writers, at the moment are John Green, Oscar Wilde and Haruki Murakami, due to the honesty of their works and the ease with which they paint a picture through their words. I’m very picky, but have no problem trying new things.

If I could put one passion above all the rest it would be learning. I’m constantly curious and I believe this shows in my art. There is a mystery behind each painting that shows how little I understand about the world around me. My greatest desire is to show my mind to the world through the paint I have shaped onto a canvas surface. While looking through my works I believe that you can analyze the simple and the complex processes of the human conscious.


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