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This is a story about a connection I had with nature when I was 7 years old. One day when I got back from school I didn’t want to study and my mom told me to go to a balcony that was on the back of my old house. When I went there I heard a “pitirre” singing and I was very impressed of how beautiful his singing was. I went to get my mom and she told me that if I imitated his singing, he would sing again. When I did, he sang again and I got very excited.

After that day I went almost every day to the small balcony to sing to the “pitirre” and hear him sing back to me. I wanted to share this story because it seems very simple but it really had an impact on my life, because first it showed me the wonders of nature, and second because every time I see or hear a “pitirre” this story comes back to my mind.

 I used voicethread to create the presentation and pictures of myself when I was little. I searched through my old pictures at home and found pictures that fit perfectly with each scene I was narrating. Finding the photos was a hard process but I think it came out really good. After that I organized them and then recorded the narration on top of the photos.

The fact that the story was from the past made the experience even more wonderful because it was like reviving my childhood. Also, it helped me to understand my classmates better and to see that some of them have had hard moments in their lives. However, they have been strong and overcame those situations. Some of the stories were very touching and it made me see how grateful we should be for what we have.

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