Janice Jiménez Alicea

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I interviewed my father, Calixto Jiménez because I wanted to know more about his general past life, but more specifically   about his childhood. I wanted to know how he adjusted  to life in Puerto Rico after his mother’s death and after living almost all his life in the United States.  I wanted to know how that experience was ,  moving from a place where he had TV to a place where there was nothing but trees and animals. He also told me about his work life and about an accident he experienced in his job area that changed his perspective towards life.

I like this activity because it makes you spend time with your family and talk about things that maybe you didn’t even know about until the interview started. It was a good experience though it was a bit weird and funny because my father wanted the interview to look really good; he spent like almost half an hour trying to make the camera work and then trying to find an angle in which the video could be taken perfectly.  However, at the end my brother was going to be the one recording. But it is a good activity in which you can learn things about your own family by just listening.


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