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In this interview I wanted to know more details about my grandmother’s (Efigenia Lebrón Lopez,)  such as, her childhood,  how she celebrated the Holidays or other  parties and, her love story with my grandfather. But what I wanted to know more was about the death of her daughter (my aunt) when she was just a little girl. She lives in Moca, P.R. and is 82 years old. My grandmother’s childhood was normal because like she said they didn’t have the things that we have today (referring to toys and technology). About the celebration of the holidays or other parties she told me that they were good, without fights and nothing bad; that they danced a lot and everything was happy.

My grandmother met my grandfather in her sister’s house and five months after they got married. She was only fifteen years. A curious detail about their love story was that my grandpa conquered my grandma’s heart smoking cigarettes and I think that was very effective because they were married for 45 years. On the tragic day that grandma’s 3 years old daughter died, she took her sick little girl to the hospital and walked approximately 8 miles, but she died on the road. Then she describes that some people came and took her hands off the little girl and put her inside a “hamaca” and went back to my grandmother’s house. She expressed that what make her happy is when her family visits

Interviewing my grandmother Efigenia was an amazing experience because I learned more about her and it gave me the opportunity to share with her. I learned some interesting details of her life like that she was conquered by my grandfather, smoking cigarettes, what a unique man. I could feel the sadness in her voice when she remembered her death daughter even though it happens a long time ago. For me what she made for her sick little daughter (walk 8 miles to take  her to the hospital) is a heroic act, and that demonstrates the unconditional love a mother has for a daughter. Seeing  her smiling made me feel happy because I know she’s good, secure and confident. After I made this interview I could realize that she is the happiest person when the family visits her and she doesn’t like to be alone, so I would make arrangements and try to visit her more often.

I consider this activity as an act of love, in which we give a little happiness to those people who needed.  Sometimes people wish to have someone to talk and express their feelings. Maybe have someone who can listen to them so they could feel good. I think that we must realize this activity more often because listening to people make them feel useful and it is important that they feel there’s someone who worries about them. I’m so glad the professor encouraged me to make such a beautiful work, were I got to know more about my grandma and at the same time gave her a few minutes of happiness.



  1. The life is so short, so unique, so impressive that I looked over this part of Esta Vida Boricua and I found this. She is my grandmother too, and Jesmarie my cousin. When I see this photo I feel very proud and happy. Was a really good interview I didn’t know all the love story of “Father” (our grandpa) and grandma Feña as we call her. The story of the sick daughter really put me very sad but very proud of her and I didn’t know about it. It’s good to see how you respect and admire her so much, she deserve that and more. Congrats for this story.

  2. Like I said in the comment I did to your interview I though it was pretty sweet. Her story is amazing and the way you talk about her is like you are very happy to have her. She is a hero and your grandfather as I said in the other comment is very sophisticated and smart. 🙂

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