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This is the story of my personal experience in the competitions “Justas LAI 2012” as a new member of the Color Guard of UPRM’s Marching Band. The “Justas LAI” is one of the biggest events of the year for every college in Puerto Rico because each institution competes to prove that they are “the best”. For this year’s competition our band was asked to perform in one of the main events. Here I present most of the things that happened as we got to the performance day.

The technology I used to present my story was a collection of photos in an Animoto video. I decided to make this presentation as real as possible for the audience to feel part of my journey. I went to Facebook and started collecting as many pictures as possible of those days. The background song used is the song “Paradise City” of the band Guns N’ Roses, because it portrays the joy and excitement I experienced during those days.

This experience changed my life greatly not only because I was able to perform in a very important event in front of thousands of people, but mostly because I was representing my “Alma-Mater”, COLEGIO. Thanks to this experience I learned that the things that you fight and struggle for are always worth the pain.

Jéysika Zayas Rivera is a University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, 2rd year Industrial Microbiology major from Corozal studying to become a Gynecologist and Obstetrician.

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Song: Paradise City

Artist: Guns N’ Roses

Album: Appetite for Destruction

Authors: Axl Rose, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan, Slash, Steven Adler


  1. Great video! It must have been a great experience to participate in such an event, like “Las Justas”. Congratulations on being part of the Color Guard. By seeing the pictures, I noticed you had an amazing time, but also a little bit of stress. But I bet, that all that stress and hard work paid off, after that amazing week. Great choice on the song. Paradise City fitted perfectly for your video.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Jeysika, I knew you before reading this. After I read this it made me appreciate more of what you do. It was a great story. Keep going strong and never give up!

  3. Thanks for sharing your story. It looks like you enjoyed the moment and the results of all those practices. Congratulations on that huge moment. I can tell you had a lot of fun and did not took it for granted, you enjoyed it to the fullest.

  4. With the photos you can see the dedication and determination the students have to represent their college you can also see how “Justas LAI” , is such and important event for P.R , how different institutions get together on the same place to demonstrate how you said “that they are the best”.
    Participating in front of all those people is not easy it takes hard work and determination. Congrats

  5. Congratulations to your band. I am very happy that people like you are representing with honor the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus. I enjoy the video and the music and comments were very original. I have to said that last year I had the opportunity to go to this event in Ponce and it was full of people of different universities. I hope that the marching band remain the best of all universities. Good luck!

  6. I think the video was great, and that it was a very unique way to represent your experience. By watching it I felt proud and happy thanks to you, we have a great representation in you guys. Congratulations!!

  7. It must have been an amazing experience to participate in such a thing. I am pretty sure that you felt amazing knowing that you were participating for the Color Guard for the Justas. As for the pictures, it made the reading part more of an interesting one since you showed the evidence of you taking part in that moment. All in all great job and congrats.

  8. I loved your story Jeysica and the music Gun’s and Roses show me all the emotions and exitement that you have felt in those moments of “Las Justas” represinting our University. We all know that these competitions are the best event of the Universities but you show me how it feels be part of the band. Congragulations for your story and I hope that you will continue enjoiyng this awesome experience

  9. Very cool video! I imagine you must have been very nervous! I can see you feel very proud, and with good reason.

  10. Great video really enjoyed it. Even better you used one of the best songs of all time to describe a great moment in your life. It’s awesome to see how much pride you take on being part of the college marching band. Must be a great sensation to be part of the “Justas” representing that institution which you love the most. You guys work really hard all year to represent all of us well at the national competitions. It really is a nice experience to take with you.

  11. I can clearly see you’re very proud of representing our university and that you really enjoy doing it. This video shows the excitement a moment like this can produce as it did to you. It’s like the moment we are accepted at the university, but in a bigger scale because now you’ll represent it, and that’s very exciting. Excellent work, congratulations and keep representing us pridefully.

  12. It is a good song and combining it with the video was a idea of including the song with the video was very effective. Also, the images included were good; it helped the reader/viewer to understand and see the journey that you underwent for this event. Some pictures were in sync with the music while others followed an order. The written part felt very personal, which is very good (at least for me) and it was an introduction for some pictures. Overall, I enjoyed the video, it is really good and shows your passion towards the event of “las Justas” “ANTES, AHORA Y SIEMPRE, COLEGIO”

  13. I felt the vibe of the video and the music helped a lot with that. I colud see that it was a good experience for all of you. The fact that you are one of the few marching bands is a great representation of the university and Puerto Rico. You transmitted the good times that you had through this video and I really liked that.

  14. I felt the vibe of the video. It was a good experience reading this description and watching the video. I saw how important this competition is for your band and obviously you guys represent the best, UPRM. The photo with the athletes looked like a photo from London. I like the video because I saw good determination and friendship between all of the members. It was good seeing this.

  15. Wow, congratulations on such a great moment in your life. Participating in the Color Guard for the Justas must have been an unforgettable moment for you. Thank you for sharing this story and the pictures, it made reading about the experience more real seeing the pictures to know exactly what was going on as you went through all the process until that day.

  16. Really awesome video with such a story. I really liked the Guns N’ Roses song Paradise City. For me it represented the nature of your being and it shows how passionate and strong will a person can be in their daily life. Keep up the work.

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