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Asamblea-Autoconvocada-RUM6-May 2010 - FO-Q Press

Asamblea-Autoconvocada-RUM6-May 2010 – FO-Q Press


Never, in my four years that I have been in “El Colegio” has something resembling this event has ever happened. On Thursday, October 8, 2009 the university had an assembly to discuss issues of the law called “Ley 7”, which had affected our country a few days earlier.  I personally have never been to an assembly at the university, so from the start this was a whole new experience. It was 10:15 am and I was heading from the Stefani building to the Coliseum; it looked like everyone was going to the assembly.  I have never seen so many students heading in the same direction. When I got in and found a seat the whole coliseum was full of students, there was not an empty seat in all the bleachers, people were on the floor, and in the hallways. Everywhere there was a spot, a student would fill it. When the assembly started, the whole crowd started cheering and applauding.

The whole experience of the assembly was a new one to me and a very cool one. I heard everything students had to say; I felt that I learned so much and that there are students who really know what is going on, who had a voice for those students who couldn’t say anything.

In the next few days, the university went on strike and to this day is on strike. The day the university went on strike, I went to the gates which face “El Calvario” at 6 p.m. and stayed there until 11 p.m. My experience at the gates was like something I had never experience before. Everyone was talking and discussing ways to get the administration to pay attention.  They were discussing about the people in the government, not nice things about them, but who can blame them. After everyone stopped talking, some students pulled out their instruments and began playing, and everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves. After that little show, an actual “Bomba y plena” group came to the gates and graced us with their presence. That night at the gates everything seemed like a party with all types of students, it was very nice to get to experience that.

The weekend came and the president of the university decided all of the UPR system would not have classes for a whole week due to possible assemblies of other universities, and to avoid that, he canceled classes for everyone. Some students obviously didn’t mind, it was a whole week off, but some students thought about the fact that having a whole week off would catch up with us, like at Christmas. For me, this strike had a purpose, some people were affected by this law, and the people decided to act.

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  1. I found this piece to be short, it was not bad and leaves the reader wanting more. I believe that the people need to be heard and believe that they need to take action to actually be listened to. The government represents the people and looks out for their interest (or it is supposed to) and when it fails to do so, it is logic that people rise up and defend their rights, it is the humane thing to do. Equality is something to be fought for however, how do you fight for it? You need to choose someone who represents common interest, right? Well, when you do, you confer that person authority over you, he/she has more power because that person is fluent and chooses “better” words to communicate. Do not get me wrong, I believe in fighting for a just cause but I am confused about how to do so in a way that does not give power to someone, raising him/her over the crowd, and all because of the talents possessed.

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