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The story is about the journey I decided to take being a California native and five other exchange students from across the world, to go and explore Tanama, a local’s only river. The river Tanama is located in Arecibo, right next to the famous Arecibo Observatory, however getting there consists of a long and wild hike which is easy to get lost .With this in mind, the river is no joke the water was freezing and it was 10 feet deep. To make things worse, there was one major issue; I don’t know how to swim. Despite all my fears and I went in the river with the help of my roommate Hugo. Hugo had to pull me through the very deep zone to due not knowing how to swim. I managed to overcome my fears and made it across the river.

The technology, I used was a Gopro video camera for this wild adventure, and used movie maker to arrange all the scenes. I also uploaded the video through YouTube. My Performance is a short video and certain pictures describing my adventurous experience through the caves, and the narration of the story as the video is playing. Throughout the video you are exposed to see live images of my journey, and see what an amazing experience I had with my friends.

What I learn from this experience is to be never afraid, and only see life in one perspective as live for the moment and overcome of all your fears. At Last, this experience has being one of the most memorable things I have done in Puerto Rico, I surpass my fear and most and of all I got a taste of this beautiful island, Puerto Rico.

Jorge Martir is currently studying abroad at University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, Second year, Sociology Major from Los Angeles, California studying to become a Guidance Counselor.


  1. Great job. Its look like you had a blast with your friends all the while really getting over something that wasn’t that easy to deal with. Personally, I think all the little things that remind us how delightfully beautiful life can be, provide valuable insight into who we are. Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a neat and groovy experience Jorge! I bet you enjoyed it. Surprisingly enough, I, a native of Puerto Rico, have not had the opportunity to go and explore this beautiful gift of nature. Though, I have heard great stories from friends, as well as yours, and lots of positive feedback regarding río Tanama. Also, I admire your efforts, but most of all the courage it took you to overcome your fears. Life is all about taking risks and chances, risk everything regret nothing, right? I watched your video as well and I have to say it is very well made, your “floatie” made me giggle! Without a doubt I have to go on this adventure someday soon.

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