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The story I decided to use for my Multi-modal Memoir is about an event in my life I consider as one that changed my life. The story I will use happened when I was around 10 years old and was helping my father to construct a structure to protect the water pump that was connected to the house’s well. As I was helping my father, I took a couple of minutes to distract myself. What I did to distract myself was hit with a hammer a pile of sand and gravel used for the construction. Since I was bored I found it fun to mold the sand with a hammer. The incident happened when I elevated the hammer too much and hit my head with the edge of the hammer. After hitting myself a couple of things happened which I will tell in my Multi-modal.

Some of the images I used for the project are taken from the Internet and used to show a moment or feelings as the story flows. I used some Internet photos because my family and I took no photos of the event. Also, I usually do not like to be photographed so I have no photos of most of the events in my life, which is sad. The text I used was a narrative, which I made as a sequence of scenes. The technology used was Voicethread where I recorded the entire story and added some images to illustrate the event in my life.

The process of making my story public has been quite interesting and challenging since it took me a long time to understand how the technologies worked. The Voicethread technology is for sure an excellent technology to publish events of your daily life or any kind of work you want to tell about as you show images.

Story: Hammered Head

Scene 1: Me helping my Dad

One Day, when I was like 10 years old I was helping my father to construct a shelter for the water pump that was connected to the house well. In the beginning it was fun but then it started to be boring and tiring. So as my father was constructing this shelter for the water pump I decided to take a couple of minutes to distract myself.

 Scene 2: Me playing with the gravel and sand

What I did to distract myself was hitting with a hammer the mountain of sand and gravel used for the construction. Since, I was bored I found fun to mold the sand with a hammer, the problem happened when I elevated it too much and hit my head with the edge part of the hammer. After hitting myself took me like 5 seconds to react and start touching my head to check if there was any blood coming out. Surprisingly there was no blood coming from my head. Because I wanted to be sure I was not bleeding, I ran to where my brother was to ask him.

Scene 3: Me scared

I asked my brother a he told me that indeed I was bleeding so I touch my head again and I felt my hand covered in blood. I started to panic so I ran with all my might while I was screaming too. I was calling for my mother, when I finally get where the house was my mother was already downstairs and she started to panic herself too but she was calmer than I. As she was telling me to calm down I looked the white T-shirt I was wearing and I noticed it was already mostly cover in blood. Yes it was no white anymore it was red. Then my mother decided to drive me to the hospital but before that my mother took a couple of towels and call for my father to come with her. My father sat with me in the back of the car while holding a towel over my head to stop the bleeding. As I was on my way to the hospital I almost fainted a couple of times.

Scene 4: Me at the hospital

When we finally arrive to the emergency room I had to sit on a chair in the waiting room until my mother could fill so paper. When she finally finishes filling them, a nurse call me to take my temperature and that was the only thing she did. She then sent us to wait in the emergency room. A half hour passed by and still no doctor attended me so my mother decided to leave the hospital and go to a pharmacy and to suture my head herself.

Scene 5: Me getting suture in my house

Before my mother suturing my head she first shaved the area, cleaned it completely with some alcohol and then she started to make some stitches. My mother did a great job I was feeling better and the area seemed like it didn’t get infected.

Scene 6: Me in the future joking with what happened

Now in the present I can only joke about what I did and how dumb it was. The injured could have been more serious but luckily nothing bad really happened after it. Actually I think something good came out of it or at least I joke with it. I tell everyone that after that I became a lot more of an intelligent person, or maybe it just a play with my mind to compare myself with a super hero that get their power after a dumb incident.

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