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Pensando, pensandome - Dry PointTHE PASSION OF DOMINOS –

Story: This about how playing Dominoes can hold memories and bring the family together.
Technology: I made the story using Animoto.

Performance: I used pictures and some images to help illustrate the story. It also has music related to those times when my grandfather played in his youth.






  1. Wow Jose, what a beautiful video and details, the black and white pictures, the background guitar, good headlines.. Makes me and probably anyone, want to play DOMINOS now! I like it even more because I learned to play Dominos with my grandfather too and instead of the cat from your video in my case were birds. Dominos for him is a happy distraction from everything, makes him feel capable and slick with 81 years old. Also he has made about 3 or 4 Domino tables just as his own therapy session of also remembering and showing whoever wants to learn the Domino experience, how to become part of it.

  2. Though some may see them as just dominoes, the perspective your grandfather put into the pieces is very interesting. It is as if each one is a capsule that holds memories. This is integral to our culture as well because a game of dominoes with an older relative is a time to share in something that is culturally significant for many people on this island; a tradition.

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