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I chose to interview my aunt Mariluz Tavarez. Technically, she’s my cousin because she’s the daughter of my mother’s sister. Out of respect I have always addressed her as my aunt. I knew little details about when she was growing up, why she moved to the states and why she came back. I was completely amazed by all the little details I had no knowledge of. I asked her about Puerto Rico when she was growing up, about her cherished memories from both, Puerto Rico in her youth and her years in New York, the difficulties she encountered and so many other things regarding her and her family. Another thing that meant a lot was the fact that she shared a bit of her emotions regarding her deceased husband.

Although some things have changed from one generation to another, one thing has not changed in our family: the embracement that most of us have of our Puerto Rican roots. This was such a heartwarming experience; you do not always get to see these other sides of your family; you always think they are these strong, independent and unbreakable beings, until you discover the real humanity in them. I always thought my aunt was a person hard to reach, but I was so wrong! This helped me connect with my aunt and see her as what she is: a soul who has lived long and prospered!



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  1. As I was watching the video, I got this vibe like I was listening to my grandmother speak about her own life; my mother, nor my grandfather, don’t really speak much about their pasts. And as for my uncle, he always seemed to be getting in some wacky hijinx! When you listen, really listen, it’s easy to see and appreciate what we have, or otherwise resent how things seemed more wholesome back then. It’s also nice to see how some things will never change, how Puertorricans always, or most of the time, seem to come back home.

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