Juan I. Irízarry Nieves

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Irizarry, JUan



This is a glimpse into the world that I step into every time I go on a run. It is a continuous story of the evolution of my emotions as I run mile after mile. I usually don’t write, but I felt that the emotion that comes from my running would transfer perfectly to paper. When I finally did this thanks to a project, the relief was enormous, like a massive weight was taken off me. I’m very glad I did it.

I downloaded some short clips from commercials, movies, and documentaries that I had seen before. The selected clips were ones that I thought carried the correct feeling that I wanted to portray.  I then put the clips together using Microsoft movie maker. As for the written piece, it was classic pen and paper and a good day or two fitting everything together.

As I’ve said before I usually don’t write, except what I write which is kept in a personal notebook. To show my work to others was a completely new experience and I must say it was extremely gratifying. This has helped me to break out of my writing shell. I’m sure it will lead to a new initiative in my career as a writer however small it may be.

Juan I. Irizarry Nieves is a University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, and second year biology major from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico studying to become an invasive radiologist.

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