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Primeros Dias Huelga RUM:mayo 2010 -FO-Q Press:

Primeros Dias Huelga RUM:mayo 2010 -FO-Q Press:


 At 9:00am I received an email that was sent to me by a friend. She had attached a link to the internet news paper and the article clarified an academic recess for the UPR system for a complete week. I was exited but on the other hand I realized that they did that to prevent students of speaking up for what they believe in and have more control over the security system since this week is bound to be of civil chaos.

 October 13, 2009

 I woke up early today to go to the west area to get my books but suddenly I felt weird and weak and had a terrible allergy almost turning to fever. So my plans to get the books never happened. Other than that, in the early news I saw that there were 7 women that were protesting in front of a bank in San Juan. They had tied themselves with a chain and formed a wall that would not let other people get through the road. I found it amusing and thought that they were doing what should have been done a long time ago. This place, Puerto Rico of course, needs discipline in order to have conversation. Since the government doesn’t want to talk, they are sneaky and very inconsistent in what they are doing so they have no other choice than let the people fight for their rights. This is because it affects all of us and I mean all of us not just those few individuals that were affected negatively for losing their jobs to feed their children but it also affects positively to the rich that slowly are getting what they want. It gets me angry to hear people complaining about the people who do something for a better place, but what they don’t see is that in the long run it will concern them to. And this I mean for the people who are selfish and criticize those that manifest themselves. No respect and its sad to see other people sad.

 October 14, 2009

 Today a was feeling a bit better in health. Yet as the morning passed by me my sister told me she heard in the radio that there were students from the University of Puerto Rico of Mayaguez blocking a road down in the #2 street. That didn’t bother me much but made me a bit concern for them for if a crazy person would hit them with a car on purpose. Since almost everyone is going against these protests.

 This whole situation gets me angry because the government claims that they have no money to pay the government workers that were fired by the law #7, yet they have money to do other things. They don’t have money for the people that move this nation if that is what this is called, but they have money for other insignificant things. I’m feeling that we will destroy ourselves if we keep up the disrespect towards our neighbors and fellow civilians. I also received an email that said we would finish in December 24 during this year. I was

:RUM Bajo la LLuvia:2010 - FO-Q Press

:RUM Bajo la LLuvia:2010 – FO-Q Press

concerned about that because they exaggerate things but I have to admit that to even hear that we would finish the semester was flattering but it gets me angry because they locked up the university to take control of the students that desperately need to express themselves.

 October 15, 2009

Dear god today was a strange day. Even though the protest was a success because the organizer really wanted to see how many people would show up for the real thing, that’s probably going to be the national strike, I felt a great tension in the air and I was not near the protesting zone down in the metro area. As much as we all want this to end I’m afraid that things are only about to get worse. Maybe it would be later on but I know something worse is going to happen. I can see how this whole situation is getting to everyone that is suffering from it. The greater power in this island is messing with people to make them lose control and that is exactly was is happening. It is not something pleasant but there is always the option of bettering life as it goes on.

 At least I’m not feeling as sick has I was earlier this week but I don’t like was going on in this place. It’s a horrible story to tell but very interesting if we make it out alive. I don’t like the fact that there is only one thing to talk about in these few days, it is taking over everything. This is like when history repeats its self. I don’t like the subject of politics but since I don’t like it, the biggest thing that I could do for myself is getting educated as much as possible so no one full me completely, since there always those that want to take control of what we are thinking. Persuasion is the word. And if they have the power to persuade they have everything.

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  1. I like your post because remember me when I enter to the RUM to continue my studies in Psychology. This story is not a sad one, although is a story that many students like me are going to remember and talk when we have our family like a story to learn. Your story for me is very valuable , is a good story.

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