“’Who is my father?’ He asked one day while he sat at the kitchen table and worked with his mother on a puzzle. His mother sat silent.  ‘Well…,’ she said with a slight smile.”

“He spoke both Spanish and English.  At home, his mother spoke to him in English. Television shows were also in English. The only place he spoke Spanish was in school. Was he American? Was he Puerto Rican?  Was he both? Was he neither? His classmates teased him relentlessly, for being the nerd, ‘el estofón.’  But this was nothing compared to the other names at recess. He had been raised by women and so assumed some of their mannerisms and expressions. The way he spoke and moved were constantly called into public ridicule…” (Read more about Joel here)

Read “A Childhood Lullaby” by Joel Rodríguez here


[Id]entidad – Joel Rodriguez-Rivera – Editor

[Id]entidad is a student-focused collaborative non-fiction journal project where individuals can express themselves creatively through literary styles, artistic techniques, and digital media by telling stories of themselves: their history, ideals, cultural expressions, and other aspects of what they consider to be part of “identity.” Collaborators are not limited to only share stories of themselves; they can also tell the stories of others as long as it connects, either personally or ideally, to the collaborator in some way. The goal of this project is to create a community of people and a consciousness about issues, situations, the reality that reigns in every human being, and how each individual defines life based on their experiences.