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 I decided to interview my grandfather, Jaime Colley. I have always admired my grandfather because he was able to raise a strong family of three professional sons, even though he comes from a family of limited resources.

Throughout his life, he studied biology at CAAM (Colegio de Agricultura y Artes Mecánicas). After he graduated, he applied to the School of Medicine, and he was accepted. This is where he met my grandmother. When he graduated from med school, he married my grandmother, yet he felt the urgency to serve in the war. He joined the air force to participate in the Korean War as a Flight Sergeant. He served for four years, attaining the title of Captain. He then became a veteran and decided to self instruct himself in his childhood passion, engineering. This led him to construct his own house from scratch.

His latest move was to self instruct in the field of marketing and was able to manage four different trusts. Now he only runs one. For the last part, he has survived over five cancers in his life and is always telling me how you can prevent them. Every time I have dinner at his house, he remembers stories and shares them with me in order to teach me a lesson about life. But this was not enough. I wanted to learn more about him. I needed more details to attain a clear perspective of what motivated him to accomplish so much in his life.

It was very nourishing to learn the so many details from his childhood, friends, family, construction hobbies, and loves in his life. I felt I could understand better my ancestors and where I came from. I was born and raised here in Mayagüez all my life just like grandpa. So I asked him to describe me how Mayagüez was when he was a boy. It was fascinating hearing how Mayagüez looked like in the past. So many green fields and hills bathed in mango trees. Farms full of cows and dirt roads lead the paths. The way he said it made almost smell the fresh salty air from the sea that the wind blew in those days. This was by far the best traveling experience I have ever had in my life.


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  1. Your grandfather seems like a very strong man. As I read your story about your grandfather I couldn’t stop thinking about mine. My grandpa was also the first one of his family to get a bachelor’s degree, and go to war. He’s a veteran from the Vietnam War. He also went through difficult times with his health, he had an open-heart operation. Your grandfather is man with a lot of experiences from which many could learn from them. Seeing the words through his eyes must be something really amazing.

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