Julmarie S. Ramos Ramirez

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My Roots

I remember screaming my lungs out and jumping down the railing as those last ten seconds clicked by on the score board. My heart was pounding fast, my blood was racing and then I heard the buzzer as the game ended and they announced that Los Capitanes de Arecibo had won the championship. As I ran into the maze of people jumping and screaming, I realized that I had never been so proud in my life to call myself a Puerto Rican.

In that single moment of complete hysteria and happiness, I realized that I may not eat rice and beans and watch Spanish television and know the latest novela yet I am still 100% Puerto Rican because everyday I get up and I feel proud of my heritage. Even though there are occasions when it does feel like you might be an outsider looking in on a different world it does not matter. Your roots come from your heart and if you believe that you are Puerto Rican then you are.

If you believe that there is nothing like this country’s unique customs and traditions. If riding in your car and looking out the window at our green landscape with its gorgeous mountains and rivers makes you rejoice. If you just know that this small island is where you were meant to be, then you are a Puerto Rican.


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