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Barricadas Porton RUM:2010 - FO-Q Press:

Barricadas Porton RUM:2010 – FO-Q Press:


I remember it clearly. It was 6:00 AM of a cold Friday morning. As alive as I could be I stood at the gates of La Vita. The night before was a night well-spent at Barcelona, and I was proud, tired, but proud. It was the time of fighting for my rights, for my mother’s and for my grandchildren’s.  It was the time when you sensed youth’s purpose: energy, a heart, and a million reasons all together. The time for having a voice to be heard, to put your heart on something you feel you belong to.

That is it. For many people it was senseless, for me it was a way of pressuring our government, one that has forgotten about the middle working class and who’s interest leans towards the rich.  Many may not accept it, but it is the ugly truth. To many it may seem like another day at Playa Sucia. Many would not care because their only interest is the top twenty songs on the radio. A few others are just being egocentric and against the strike because they are graduating this year.

To those who do not care I would ask where is their passion, are they just vegetables? To those against I would ask if it makes sense to graduate and not get a job. Others would respond: “there are enough jobs.” But, Is it fair to study and work in another area rather of your specialization? No!

I had my reasons to be there… I just did not want another week free. The University was scared, our voice was silenced when they gave that free week. I did not want to lose more time, 48 hours where enough. The last day of finals is the 24th, I guess I will not be spending Christmas with my family. That is the price I have to pay, but it was worth it because I want my University to belong to the Puerto Ricans. I want to serve my country as I know many people who got fired did. Education is the base of a nation.

Puerto Ricans deserve to not live in ignorance.

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