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Manifestacion Rio Piedras:2010 - FO-Q Press

Manifestacion Rio Piedras:2010 – FO-Q Press


Since that half-day off because of the storm Erika, my housemates have been asking about strikes “Will there be a strike? Is there a strike coming soon?” and what I have been saying all along has been “Well, maybe other universities will consider going on strikes, but Colegio? Never!”

So they made fun of me that Tuesday afternoon when they announced the 48-hour strike, and I only could nod and say “Oh, well…Nothing can be changed now.” So that Tuesday and Wednesday I partied with my housemates. I was planning on a whole-day-study-day, but the students decided to extend the strike so there was no class on Friday, and they were successful. Then, I had no excuse for my friends to not go out so I had to go once more.

So the weekend went smoothly and I had a chance to play with my new kitten which I rescued from the streets in Mayagüez. The kitten has yellow fur and blue eyes, it’s quite a cutie. He has small paws and really big eyes and ears, his teeth are really sharp but when he plays he tries to bite but he does not do it with strength; he is quite gentle.

So, Monday came and I packed my things and got ready for school. But when my internet finally worked, someone wrote to tell me there were no classes this week. And I couldn’t believe it. I knew my housemates would be laughing at me when they found out, and I’m pretty sure that when we go back, they will mock me. If you can’t beat the strike, join the strike.

I’ve been sleeping all the hours I have missed throughout the school year and also eating all I can when I want. This mini vacation didn’t come off badly in every aspect. Yes, school will be harsher than it already is, but at least you can savor memories of that free week while you are taking a hard test or doing a complicated project. I can say there is not much to remember, but at least I gained my strength back and recovered all my sleeping hours.


  1. This is a unique and optimistic perspective on a less than ideal situation. It is very common for we as students to forget about ourselves as the semester progresses, and near finals you’ll see all your friends with around five hours of sleep between two days.

  2. I remember you were pretty pissed off about the whole thing, but you can’t complain; you drank like crazy those couple of days. It was a mini vacation for all of us, but thankfully the situation fixed itself quickly, unlike our friends in Rio Piedras.

  3. I think I did the same as you did those days; sleep, sleep, sleep and sometimes sleep. Also, I thought the same, “the Colegio never goes on strikes! Even when the other ones do.” but they did shut me up this time. “Savor memories of that free week”. that’s a really nice way of battling the toughness of the classes once we got back even though most of us just slept the whole time. Excellent job making the reader relate to your work.

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