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Asamblea Gimnasio RUM:4 mayo 2010-UNK

Asamblea Gimnasio RUM:4 mayo 2010-UNK


 Last week, on Tuesday October 6th, there was a student assembly; it had been called to decide where the University was standing in terms with everything that was happening in the government, Law 7.  After three long hours, a decision had been made; a strike was in order for the next two days, Wednesday and Thursday.  I have to admit that the news made me pretty happy because I was going to have an extra long weekend and I had a Chemistry quiz that Thursday, for which I felt unprepared because I knew I had not studied enough.  My sister and I decided to go back to our home town Quebradillas and go back to Mayaguez on Friday morning because she had class.

 We spent those two days at home doing some chores and reviewing for our classes, just in case.  On Friday, we woke up at 5:00a.m., got ready and left at 5:45a.m.  By 6:30a.m. we were approaching the main gate and saw the manifestation, there was no way in.  Students and employees were blocking every entrance to the College.  At this we decided that the best thing to do was head back home and wait for any news.  The weekend was full of uncertainty and not knowing how the next week was going to turn out.

 Once you think the situation thoroughly and what has brought us to this point, you get a brief flashback and remember the last political campaign and our present governor saying that he would not fire anyone.  You come back to reality and see that he applied Law 7 and with this he has set out to fire, at least, 17,000 people in order to try to repair the deficit that the government has at this moment.  On the other hand what will be the consequences of this decision? Murder, robberies, divorces, all will go up. But does continuing with the strike really make a difference, does it help in any way or does it just make thing worse, more complicated.  The truth of the matter is no matter what, not all of these people will get their jobs back.

 Monday came and at 8:30a.m I received a text message that said that the Rector of the University had announced that there would be no class during the whole week.  A few hours later, I received an e-mail saying that the last day for finals is going to be December 24.  This caught me by surprise.  I imagined myself singing Christmas carols at College on my way to a test and making Santa Claus a letter letting him know that I would not be at home and that he should leave my gift over at my apartment in Mayaguez.

 I ask myself if the Rector made the best decision for the University of Puerto Rico.  I believe that he just wanted what was best for the students in the sense that he wanted no confrontations and no one to be harmed.  At the same time he could have done it because he knew that most of the campuses of the UPR where going to have another student assembly and he feared that the students would decide on another strike so he cut them short.  Many students became outraged with the news because they wanted to be the ones to make the decision and they probably feel that their rights were violated.  This is why they are still having strikes at their corresponding campus.

 Law 7 is unjust and should not have been activated.  Why couldn’t they just take a day of work away from all those people that they wanted to fire? It would have been better to lose a day of work than their jobs.  This simple arrangement would have left the government with a whole lot of money.  But the senators and all those people up at Capitol building keep getting raises and ex governors get their escorts back, what sense does this make? What will be the end to all this? I worry of what is to come.

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