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Here, every month is cruel.

Sugar cane fields forgotten,

like scenes of a movie past.

A Technicolor wasteland.

To an outsider

it might look like paradise,

To me,

nothing new worth seeing.

Anger and pain

triggered the change,

destroying the dream

of how great it had been.

The sugarcane

started the fire.

As if nature

became a weapon,

against itself.

Creeping through the wind,

I saw soft yellows

and dark reds.

Sun setting closely upon


hot to the touch and painful

to the heart.

Sundown through the eneas,

waving goodbye.

The fire took it all.




The filmstrip has burned.

That’s what happens

after excessive playing,

again and again.

Ashes in the wind for weeks,

Choking tears.

Then, regrets disappear,

the credits roll.

The End.

Reprinted with permission. pastiche, Volume II © Copyright, Estudio Casa Bohemia, Cabo Rojo, 2005. All rights reserved. 

*The photo is part of the ruins of Hacienda La Romana in Punta Guaniquilla.  It was a  producer of muscavado sugar. (Nery Pabon)

Photograph by José Irizarry


  1. A very beautiful poem. It really evokes a feeling of nostalgia with words like “forgotten” ,” tears” and “destruction”. Very good piece of work.

  2. Wow! I really like the way that the applies the sensory details.That poem make a really good image in my head.The words that you use to describe the scene were exquisite, really play a rol , in the way as I read it. I believe that this narration is really , and make us imagine those times, thanks to you.

  3. I really enjoyed this. It’s just amazing that most people have forgotten the injustices that programs like operation bootstrap have done to this island; things that we today are still playing for everyday. It’s interesting how you see nature, as it is usually seen as indifferent. In this work nature had a different role and was used as a weapon.

  4. I really liked the way you used images and metaphors to allow us to feel your words. Awesome!

  5. wow

  6. Buen Poema.

  7. Wow, that poem invoked feelings of forgetting. The imagery was explicit enough to to get the attention of whomever is reading the poem. Also, the poem has a fairly dark tone to it which makes it the more interesting to read. Great job on the poem.

  8. My grandfather used to work there when he was just a little boy with his father. My great grandfather died when I was 12 years old, but my grandfather tells me about the many places where he worked with his father so he could help him because he was the oldest of 5 brothers and 2 sisters. Is nice to know what our grandparents had to do in order to survive those times!

  9. I really like how strong those words feel and how they go deep inside me. As i was reading i was making images in my mind of how you portrayed everything its just amazing i really loved it.

  10. Wow, that was energetic and filled with vivid images! It’s a shame how agriculture seems to be a thing of the past in Puerto Rico. I think it’s sad that we replaced the green lushness of nature for the reluctant grayness of buildings.

  11. Really interesting image, and then description reminded me of “La llamarada”, I don’t think that is the place, but the description is very similar to what happened in that story. Really good imagery and definitely love the sensory details.

  12. The concept is so brilliant! Making a movie out of your story is really creative. You used many sensory details and active verbs which gave the story life. Your use of sensory images made me believe that I was part of that scenery, part of the plot ,and part of the action going on. The words you use to describe everything are helpful enough that I can create an image in my head of every detail you are describing.

  13. The photo shows the Hacienda La Romana in Punta Guaniquilla. The past may have been forgotten. Only few remembers the origin. It was a producer of muscavado sugar.

  14. powerful imagery!

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